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Have a story that you want to share, but need help framing it?

Rather you prefer photo or video to share your unique story, look no further because I'm here to help you bring it to life. From the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area to the fresh air of Mother Nature in the mountains. If you're adventurous enough, we can go wherever your heart desires. There are no limits to where we can travel to capture YOU!

When booking with me, I will be with you every step of the way. I can provide you with a questionnaire or my preferred method, a video call, and help guide you to having the most AMAZING day possible.

let's make memories for a lifetime.

BE DARINg, be you!

*DOES NOT include travel. Still have questions? Refer to either EXTRAS or FAQs

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Don't be shy, get in touch! Promise to get back to you in 24 hours.


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clients are saying...

Thanks! I had a good experience today. I think you have a good eye for detail. I apprecaite when others are able to notice when something about the piece of clothing I'm wearing is off, which you definitely were helping with the collar flipping point outs. I also think it's really nice that you were showing the images in real time, so I could get a sense of what I needed to correct.

Katrina | @lacecoveredlens


Extra editing time

Want some photos in B&W or micro adjustments done? I got you! I'll be happy to spend extra time making your favorite images even better.

***NO composting [Photoshop]***

Photos into Video [reel]


Want those photos turned into a video? I get it! I can definitely spend extra time turning your favorite photos into video [reel].

Second shooter

$100. per hour

As much as I wish I could be in two places at once, I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. Having a shoot shooter helps me make sure I can focus on you. Plus, make sure I capture all the special moments in the best light possible.


Aerial footage

Nothing screams over the top than adding drone footage. Do I really need to say more!

extras and

add ons

Extra half hour coverage


Sometimes you need a bit more time to express yourself or you simply just want a little more time, booking extra time can make a massive difference.

Extra digital downloads


When 15 retouched photos just isn't enough. Double 'em [30] and have more to look back on later.

$100. per hour


Whether it's jumping into my Prius to meet you at your favourite spot, or hopping on a plane to explore somewhere that plays a crucial part of your life story, I truly love a new adventure.

If you'd like to scheme an adventure closer to me, I'll take the trip for free within 30 miles of Hercules, California. If we're going a little further, here are my rates:

I'll drive myself up to two hours away for a $75 per hour travel fee (time and additional miles included).

Lodging (Cost of Airbnb or Hotel)

Food ($50 per day)

Flight (cost of economy flight, upgrades are welcome)

Rental car (fees and gas)


How many images will we receive?

15 retouched photos are included in your package. Refer to Extras and add-ons for additional images.

Do I get all the RAW files?

RAW files will not be provided. Instead, you will have temporary access to retouched photos [online gallery]. Refer to Contract Agreement, Section 3, titled "Work Product", for details. Additional retouched photos can be purchased.

Choosing what color to wear for photos?

My general rule of thumb is wear something that makes you feel like YOU. Something to keep in mind is that colors have meanings and will affect the mood of an image. Wanna learn a little about color?

Do you travel for photoshoots?

HECK YEAH! Global Entry holder and passport always on standby. You just say where and when. Refer to Travel for rates.

What if we need a raincheck or cancel?

We can reschedule up to three months from the original date. If you have to cancel, the initial 50% retainer will NOT be refundable. Why, becuase when we agree on a date and time. I'm committed to you and I can NOT take on other jobs. Plain and simple.

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